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Pick a Judy Pattern
2 day Workshop
with Sharon Ralph

November 9 & 10  10-4

No matter where you are in the process with
Judy Niemeyer pattern,

Sharon will assist you in
putting that puzzle together.
Our last class was outstanding, and some of the
ladies got
half of their patterns sewn

and, had FUN doing it!

Saturday   Oct 29  10-4
Naples Quilters Guild Gathering
Judy Niemeyer UFO day

Do you have a Judy pattern and the fabric for the project, but you
are not sure how to get started or how to do Judy Niemeyer paper
piecing?  Do you admire samples of Judy Niemeyer projects in quilt
stores or on line, but not sure if you could do a project like that?  
Do you have a Judy project started but not sure where you left off
or just need assistance on how to do the next step?  WELL, THEN
THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!  Sharon Ralph, a Judy Niemeyer
instructor will help you learn how to do Judy techniques soyou can
feel comfortable tackling any "Judy Pattern."  All Judy Niemeyer
paper piecing levels are welcome and sharon will individualize the
instruction according to your needs!  If you have questions please
contact Sharon at 407-222-8217 or email sralph4fsu@aol.com
Saturday Oct 29  10-4
Naples Quilters Guild Gathering Stitches
Saturday Oct 29    10-4
Naples Quilters Guild Gathering Stitches
Cover & Chain Stitch
How To!
November 12 only
only $119
Just bring you Baby Lock Ovation or Evolution
and enjoy a full day with Deb
as she teaches you all about
the cover and chain stitch
and all the feet!

Deb Crine Intermediate Painting on Silk

$ 105.00   NAPLES ONLY

December 3 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
You must take the Beginner Class before taking the Intermediate Class.

This is a follow up to our beginner silk painting workshop. Now that you
have the basic understanding of silk painting we will create a larger painting
using colored resist. In addition to working with salt and alcohol you will
learn how to use cold wax as a resist. We will also use additional tools to
embellish your painting. Your silk painting can later be quilted or framed. I
will have quilted samples and we will discuss quilting ideas. We will again be
working with Jacquard Red Label dyes and PVC stretchers. Patterns will be
provided.Note: Jacquard Red Label dye are heat-fix dyes that require
steaming to be permanent. Once the workshop has concluded I will bring
the paintings home with me to be steamed. Paintings will be mailed back to
within a couple of days.Teacher will provide the following to be used during
the workshop: ($35 additional supply fee)Silk, all dyes and tools, Resist and
applicator,Pattern (yours to keep) Pencils for transferring design,paint,
brushes,stretcher bars.

Supply List:Masking tape (approximately 1” wide)
Silk pins
Paper towels
(2) Plastic tablecloths to cover your work surface (you can get these at the
Dollar store)
Light protective gloves
Two large cups or containers for water (I use old cottage cheese tubs)
Empty egg carton
Bag for trash
Extension cord
Wear old clothing

Optional: I will provide inexpensive brushes for use during class. If you have
soft round water color bushes these will work well if you’d like to bring them
along.  Feel free to email me with questions at dcrine@gmail.com



    Judy Niemeyer Pattern

     Thread to blend with your fabrics

     Iron and pressing mat

     Rotary cutter (28mm a must, 60mm and 45mm needed for other tasks)

     24 x 6 or 6 ½” Ruler (or your favorite one)

     12 x 6 or 6 ½” Ruler (optional)

     Medium sized cutting mat (12”x18” is a good size for use by your machine)

     A piece of Template Plastic approx. 3 1/2” x 12” for folding the paper

     Sewing Machine with a ¼” foot and/or open toe foot

     18” Add –A-Quarter ruler (for projects with long spikes)

     12” Add-A-Quarter ruler ( a must for most JN patterns)

     6” Add-A-Quarter ruler (optional)

     Washout fabric glue pen (SewLine or Fons & Porter)

     .5mm 1 7/8” Glass head pins (nice long shanks)

     Large paper clips

     Purple Thang

     Size 70/10 Microtex Sharp sewing needles

     Gallon size zip loc type bags (Big project get a few 2 gallon size)

     Basic sewing items


     Refer to the back of the Judy Niemeyer patterns

What you can expect to learn in the class:

-        Judy’s technique for cutting apart the foundation papers

-        A traditional approach to foundation paper piecing and curved piecing

-        Judy’s process to speed up the sewing process by using Template Layout Sheets for cutting
out the fabric

-        Pressing directions so seams lock and/or fabric lays smooth

-        Other techniques you will learn on some patterns: floating spikes, floating geese, veins, Y
Sharon Ralph's
Make it in your favorite HOLIDAY or Florida colors
and enjoy it on your
table for all to enjoy!

Two Days- Wed. Nov.30 and Thur. Dec 1
10-4    $45
See Supply List Below

If you don't
have an
or Ovation

Baby Lock

12, 13 & 14

Anita Goodesign Workshop November
Nov.15 & 16  $22.23
10-4 both days

Winter Pillow embroidery design: you will need gold and
silver metallic thread and a gray or dark color.  You will
receive fabric to make a 12 inch pillow.  The sample has a
14” pillow form in it, hence the border.
The Doodle pot holder: you will receive 2 - 9” squares of
fabric and a 2.5 inch strip for binding. Also a 9” square of
insulbrite and cotton batting.  See sample in store for
fabric color bring thread color of your choice.

For both projects you will need to bring sewing feet for
your machine if you wish to complete the project at the
store. As well as your usual sewing notions for a class.
Westalee Quilting Template Workshop with Mo

Beginning in November, we will have workshops on using the Westalee templates.  We will keep the class
small so sign up soon.  When you purchase your ruler foot for your machine, you receive the 12” arc
template that will be the first ruler we will work with. The class will be two hours long. This first one may be a
bit longer because of explaining and setting up your machine for yourself. Class begins at 10 and should
conclude at Noon. Next month we will do a different template from the starter set.

If you are interested in

November 11, 2016 Friday 10 – 12 $30.00

You will need:
Template covered in the class will be the 12” Arc.
An extension table for your sewing machine and a supreme slider or other Teflon underlayment this does
make a very big difference.
½ yard fabric sandwiches (18” x 22”) at least 2, I suggest muslin please use the batting that you would use
inside your quilts, in case of tension issues.
Thread that you intend to quilt with, this can be Cotton or poly remember the heavier the weight the more you
will see what you are doing. 50 weight is fine, 40 a bit thicker. Contrasting color to your fabric choice.
A couple wound bobbins same as top thread.
A marking tool, chalk pencil, Frixion pen, or blue marking pen Not air erasable it will be gone before your are
Quilting ruler or square 6.5” smallest.
Quilting gloves are very helpful when you are beginning
Things I find helpful to have close by reverse tweezers, thread snips, the pin place magnet for previously
mentioned items. Glycerin though this can be messy. Cushions for the chair to give you height, if you should
need it. The measuring guide if you received one with your foot and templates.