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Introduction to Palette 11 Software

So you have Palette 11 software… Now what?  Palette 11 can be a bit confusing when you first start the application.  It is very powerful software capable of almost anything when it comes to creating machine embroidery files.  But how do you make it do what you want it to do?   In this series of classes we will answer that question and hopefully many more.

In the first class we will start with the basics.
  • Will my computer run Palette 11?
  • How do I install Palette 11?
  • Where is the operation manual and how do I use it?
  • What other resources are available?
  • What can I do with Palette 11?  
In subsequent classes we will answer more of the “How do I … ?” type of questions.  We will discuss the different types of stitches in machine embroidery and when and where to use them, how to create your own artwork as well as modify the artwork of others, manual vs, automatic digitizing and many other topics.  Along the way we will even create some of our own unique embroidery.

By the end of this series you will be able to tell the difference between push and pull compensation and know when to use them to assure beautiful stitch outs, among many other things.

Introduction to Palette 11 Software

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