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                                                     Your Flash Sew & Quilt Team
                    #7 in Baby Lock Sales in the U.S. 
          Call 239-304-8387 for price and information!
 Bridget and Mike are the proud local owners of Flash Sew and Quilt.  Before being Flash owners, Bridget learned quilting and sewing
techniques at Flash and other great stores.  After Mike's retirement from the Executive world, they bought Flash Sew and Quilt. 
They provide Naples, Florida and the Nation with the Best in Baby Lock Machines, fabrics, sales and services. 

Debi Johnson, our longtime Flash associate has been in the industry for many years.  She is generally the first and the last
associate that our  customers see and she has the knowledge to assist every customer with everything. 
DEBI OWNS MORE BABY LOCK MACHINES than is normally allowed!

Rosemary came to Flash years ago to attend Joe's Tuesday morning SEW WITH JOE.  And, she brought many of her friends with her. 
She has evolved into the teacher that our customers know and appreciate for her patience and knowledge.  After all, she did spend
her previous successful career teaching.

Dorothy Sims, a former quilt store owner worked and taught classes at the Ft. Myers store.  She is very experienced in all facets 
of sewing and quilting.
Check our class schedule for Dorothy's class schedule.  DOROTHY OWNS A BABY LOCK SOLARIS!

Kathy Grosjean is from Iowa and is an avid quilter and sewer.....and, owned her own quilt store for 20 plus years.
Welcome Kathy to Flash & Naples!

Adon and his ladder and tools have been with the NEW Flash since we opened.
You will marvel at his workmanship when you see his hand built displays on the sales floor.
As shown in the photo above, he does an outstanding job 20' above the floor changing light bulbs just for you.

Laura is a huge Bernina fan and has five  machines including a long arm.  She is from Michigan and works a few days a week at Flash.

Diane comes from NY and works a couple of days a week. She is helping Flash with incoming product and Inventory Control.

Bridget's family has been a constant support to her and they love their Flash, plus, their sewing, quilting and embroidery endeavors. 
Bridget's mother has been a longtime valued Flash customer and continues that tradition, as well as passing her sewing
tradition down to the second and third generations.
Bridget's sister Lori also sews and assists in the very professional emails and graphics that you see constantly from Flash!