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Baby Lock Free Motion Open Toe Quilting Foot - BLDY-FMO

Original price $19.99 - Original price $19.99
Original price
$19.99 - $19.99
Current price $19.99

Free Motion Open Toe For BLSA, BLDY2, BLDY, BLTY, BLJY, BLCR, BLAR

Guaranteed to fit Babylock sewing machine models:
Altair BLTA, Altair 2 BLTA2, Aria BLAR, BLAE Aerial, BLDY2 Destiny II, BLMSP Soprano, BLSA Solaris, BLSA2 Solaris 2, Crescendo BLCR, Destiny BLDY, Journey BLJY, Unity BLTY

Guaranteed to fit Brother sewing machine models:
DreamWeaver VQ3000, DreamWeaver XE VM5100, DreamWeaver XE VM6200D, Innov-is BQ1350, Innov-is BQ2500, Innov-is BQ3050, Innov-is XP2 Luminaire 2, NQ1300PRW, THE Dream Machine 2 Innov-is XV8550D, VQ2400 DreamCreator, XV8500D THE Dream Machine