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About Us

So where did it all begin?

This is one man’s story...

Bridget comes from a family of eight children: six girls, and two boys. The journey started early on in Port Jervis, NY where her grandmother allowed her hobby... to expand into what became a full-time job of designing and sewing wedding gowns.  Later in life, she would always say that her career was not really a was a passion.   The girls followed suit at an early age, and along with their mother, known throughout the family as G-Ma, blossomed into a family of passionate sewers, quilters, and embroiderers.  They have a little family saying..."sisters who sew, laugh & drink wine together, will stay together".  I know that they are still working on their two brothers...but to date, no luck bringing them into the fold.

So now fast forward many years..... We moved to Naples in 2010 and Bridget became a  customer and friend of Flash over the ensuing years...even after my business took us back up north again. This past February we decided to take a trip to Naples to meet with Harold. Bridget was pining to open her own store in the St Augustine area and was looking for some advice. Me...I was thinking about nothing more than golfing and fishing.

The rest is kind of history. Just like when Harold sold Bridget all those machines over the past years...he and Cindy ended up selling us his business.

The great news for us is that we inherited a tremendous business, with unbelievable customers...and a tremendous team consisting of (ladies first) Debi, Rosemary, Paula, and of course Joe, and then Harold introduced us to Kathy. Then to top it off, Harold agreed to stay on board as a consultant for at least a year plus.
So the story!